Common Fence Designs

The Waratah Fencing System™ can cover an enormous range of fencing options to withstand differing environmental conditions and terrain, and to suit your unique needs for animal containment. But there are some traditional fencing designs to consider, depending on what stock you are running, what you want to keep in or out and other factors such as environment that you need to think about. 

One of the following designs could make a starting point for your own fence that you can then modify to suit your specific needs.

Sheep Fence

Fencing is usually the largest capital expenditure for sheep farmers. Check out this common sheep fence design used to keep small livestock and sheep secure.

Cattle Fence

Cattle fencing represents a substantial investment, whether for use as confinement or continuous grazing systems or rotational grazing systems. This common cattle fence design can be used on the perimeter of pastures or internal to the property to keep animals in the pasture and deter predators from entering.

Mixed Livestock Fence

There are many mixed farming enterprises that look to contain multiple types of livestock as well as protect crops from unwanted feral animals. A common mixed fence design can be used but ultimately it will vary depending on the types of animals requiring containment.

Feral Fence

Feral animals can cause severe damage to your fencing as well as getting into your stock’s food supply. That’s why a sturdy, feral-proof fence design is essential. Check out this common feral fence design to keep feral animals out and your stock safe.

Rabbit-proof Fence

Rabbits present a problem on many properties across Australia. If you are undergoing such problems, you should think about upgrading your fences to a common rabbit proof fence design.